Need a New Roof in Lansing, MI?

Get yours replaced with our professional roofing services

Over time, your roof is subject to some serious wear and tear. This could leave property exposed to damaging moisture, wind and pests. When your roof is on its last leg, it's time to get a roof replacement from Sayago's Home Improvement in Lansing, MI.

As part of our roofing services, our team can completely tear off your old roof. We can then redeck it if needed, along with prepping and laying down new shingles. With our thorough process, we'll make sure the job is done right the first time.

Reach out to us today to schedule a roofing service for your home or business.

When to have your roof replaced

There are many situations where it's best to get a roof replacement. Some common instances include when:

  • Your roof has caved in
  • Your roof is constantly leaking
  • Your roof is over 20 years old
  • Your roof has suffered serious storm damage

Make sure your home or business is protected with a sturdy and stable roof. Contact us when you need a roof replacement.